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One family, one


For more than 70 years, it is our job to bring to the centre of Rome the best of Italian cuisine, making it accessible to everyone with affordable prices.


Welcome to Sfizio

We want all tourists to taste the typical dishes of Italian cuisine in the city centre of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Let’s enjoy a unique experience and come to taste our specialities.

Pizza Restaurant

The first real Italian love. Made with 100% Italian products.


A classic part of Italian cuisine. It never fails to awe at Sfizio.


Among a variety of chosen desserts prepared with long tradition recipes of the company, our centrepiece is precisely the Tiramisu.

How to find us

We are right outside Termini station, on the corner between Via Giolitti and Via Gioberti and… we are open every day without a lunch break from 9.00 am to 10 pm. A complete range of dishes from breakfast to dinner.

We care so much about our customers that we decided to give them a present…
3, actually!

We have prepared three routes to admire the beauty of the city for every need. One for those ones who love strolling and discovering the city by foot and another for those who lack time. And the last one, for those who woud like to be accompanied by Sfizio throughout the day.


Our history

We’ve been handing down our passion since 1948, the year when grandfather Titì opened the first restaurant, known as Etna. From that time until today, four generations from the same family had followed to run it. Since 1972, we’ve been proposing high quality and affordable quick meals to anyone who comes here.

Since 1948 with the same passion

Why choose us?

Although our history has started a long time ago and from far away, still today the values we follow remained unchanged.


Since early 1948 still with the same recipes, the same passion, the same love for our customers.

100% Italian

Since early 1948 still with the same recipes, the same passion, the same love for our customers.


Despite the quality of our dishes, the basic principle we follow consists in competitive price within everyone’s reach.

What are you waiting for?

Come and visit us!

Hurry up to Sfizio and let’s taste the best of Italian cuisine in the centre of Termini station, the heart of the the most beautiful city in the world. We are waiting for you with open arms.

Via Giovanni Giolitti, 77, 00185, Roma (RM)



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